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MedLink Georgia’s offers comprehensive medical care for patients of all ages. MedLink Georgia is focused on primary care for the whole family. We offer comprehensive medical care for patients of all ages.


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We will always keep you informed about latest news and events of our clinic.

Ribbon Cutting for MedLink Jefferson

Please join us as we celebrate the opening of our newest office in Jefferson, GA! We will be hosting a ribbon cutting ceremony followed by open house tours and food & refreshments.

Our Jefferson office offers primary care, behavioral health, and diabetes education. We also have COVID vaccines and COVID rapid testing available.

COVID Vaccination Clinics for Businesses

MedLink Georgia is partnering with local businesses to do on-site vaccination clinics.  Our clinical team will come to you to vaccinate your employees, ensuring your team is protected.  We offer the Moderna COVID vaccine to anyone aged 18+.  There is no cost to your company or your employees.  Let's work together to stomp out COVID!  To get more information or schedule a clinic, email us at:

MedLink Welcomes New Providers

MedLink Georgia is excited to welcome 3 new providers to our team!  
Rebekah Hawkins, FNP-C
Rebekah is a Family Nurse Practitioner who will serve as a Float Nurse Practitioner between many of our MedLink Family Health Center locations.  She will see patients for annual wellness visits, sports physicals, well-woman exams and contraceptive management and will accept walk-ins and same day appointments for patients aged 4+.
Savannah Smith, LCSW
Savannah is a Behavioral Health Therapist who is available to assist patients with developmental disabilities, anxiety, depression, grief/loss, PTSD, and is LGBTQ+ affirming.  She is currently accepting patients in our Colbert office and is available for virtual appointments.
Ernie Aldaco, NP-C
Ernie is a Family Nurse Practitioner with over 19 years of experience in orthopedics and sports medicine.  He is accepting new patients, aged 5+, at our Gainesville office for sick and well visits, sports physicals, and basic women's health.  Ernie is also biligual.

To schedule an appointment with any of our providers, give us a call: 706-521-3113

Water Exercise

The time is here!!! Time for fun in the surf, sand, and sun! Of course, some prefer the calmer places of lake and land. And others, the crystal-clear water and concrete bottoms of the backyard and neighborhood pools. Whatever your pleasure, moving around in water can be some of the best exercise.

For those who have problems with painful joints or muscles, moving around in water instead of on land can be much more pleasant. Being in water takes the pressure off bones and muscles and can allow movement or bigger movement without causing pain. For those who really want to get stronger, water provides an overall resistance through which to move. This resistance causes muscles to work harder. The concept is the same when people lift weights to shape up and gain strength. Moving in water is also a great, safe way to improve balance. The brain and body are having to make small adjustments, constantly, to keep you on your feet and resist moving with the current or ebb and flow of the water. These constant, tiny adjustments being made by the feet, legs, and trunk increase reaction time, posture, and coordination. Therefore, balance and safety when standing are greatly improved. All of this movement increases heart rate as well provides an opportunity to burn calories and improve lung capacity and oxygen in the blood.

Being in the water can have so many benefits. Not only is it a wonderful way to spend quality time with family and friends, but it can also improve physical health. Whether you participate in a formal water exercise class, swim laps, or make up your own routine to do a few times a week, the results can be great. Decreased pain and improvements in strength, balance, coordination, and circulation are just a few of things to expect from this type of exercise. 

Written by:
Amanda Wagner, MSOT
MedLink Georgia Director of Rehabilitation and Wellness